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Pinarello Bikes

Pinarello Dogma K8-S Frameset
The 2015 Pinarello Dogma K8-S is the all new game changer frame derived from the highly successful Dogma F8 and the Dogma K. The Dogma K8-S continues the collaboration between Pinarello, Team Sky, and Jaguar Land Rover to create the best in aerodynamic, comfortable, lightweight speed machines. This innovative frame borrows from the aerodynamic FlatBack tube shapes of the F8 and comes with a slacker head tube angle and increased fork rake for better shock absorption up front along with increased stability given the longer wheelbase. Major developments to the bike are at the rear end with thinner chainstays(which are wider horizontally for enhanced stiffness), an incorporated molded-in pivot point for the seatstays, and an all new rear suspension unit-- the DSS 1.0(Dogma Suspension System). The Dogma K8-S’s chainstays are designed for flex to allow almost 10mm of vertical deflection. With the help of Jaguar and test rides from Team Sky, Pinarello has created the perfect machine to dampen road vibrations
Pinarello Dogma F8 Frameset
Pinarello 2015 DOGMA F8 The all new DOGMA F8 raises the bar even higher than ever before. Improved aerodynamics, a new ONDA F8 fork, new Pinarello exclusive TORAYCA T1100 1K CARBON, a more balanced frame design, lighter, stiffer, and faster than ever. The DOGMA F8 is a project that has provided a valuable collaboration with JAGUAR automotive group and Team Sky. The English automotive giant brought all its vast experience in the field of aerodynamics to the F8 project. Most importantly they supported Pinarello throughout the design phase with CFD analyses and wind tunnel tests. Team Sky brought valuable feedback from riders and mechanics to help create the experience of a Super Car in the form of a Super Bike.
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