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Flat Tire Club

Tired of buying new inner tubes every time you have a flat? Join our Flat Tire Club and receive FREE inner tubes every time you get a flat.

Flat Tire

How The Flat Tire Club Works

  • Buy (or bring in a bike purchased from) Eden Bicycles (proof of purchase may be required).
  • Join the club for a one-time fee of $60.00. We'll keep your name and bicycle on file in our system (used to identify you and your bike as a member of the club).
  • Anytime you have a flat tire, just bring your bike into the store and receive a FREE flat tire change. This includes the cost of a regular tube and the cost of labor (a $25.00 value!)

This tube replacement does not include tire replacement, tube upgrade or any other accessory or part value or installation. If you wish to upgrade tubes, you will only pay for cost of upgrade (e.g. a regular tube costs $10; if you wish to upgrade to a TR Tube for $16, your cost is $6).